5 Easy and Healthy meals in less than 20 minutes!

Hiiiiii guys! How’s the week going? Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather in London was beautiful (weird, ugh?), so I took advantage of it and explored it with some friends. I feel like I’m finally starting to know my way around and getting to know really cool and exciting places that I will be sharing with you guys here 🙂

As I continue discovering London, today I’m gonna give you some of my go-to recipes for when I’m exhausted and don’t really feel like cooking… because who likes being hungry (to the point where it becomes being hangry) and having to make lunch or dinner??? This is something that happens to me way TOO much! The only thing you want to do after a really long day is grab  that massive slice of greasy and delicious pizza, or that giant burrito dipped in guacamole and sour cream (with a double side of fried tortillas and cheese) on your way home. Although this might be a very good idea some days when you just need a treat, you can’t do it every single day because first of all, eating out every day can get very expensive, and because food from restaurants is usually far from healthy and full of fat and extra calories, which might not be the best option if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle!

Here are some quick ideas for lunch or dinner that you can make in less than 20 minutes, that will save you some money, and that will give you energy and nutrition:

Sautéed shrimp with veggies: I make this dish ALL the time! The only things that vary are the protein and the veggies I use. You can literally do this with any veggies you like, any meat or fish, or vegan option. It only takes five minutes! Just put all the ingredients you want together in a pan with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano (or the spices you prefer) and cook them to taste. For this particular dish I used shrimp as my protein, tomatoes, red onions, zucchini, red and yellow peppers, spinach, and a little bit of feta cheese on top. Quick, healthy, and very yummy!


Wheat spaghetti with tomatoes, red onions, and serrano ham: We all know how to cook pasta right? Boiling water, 10 minutes, done. What I like about this recipe is that I can cook all the ingredients together in the same pan and then you juts add it to the cooked pasta! tomatos and onions give the pasta that great flavor that added with the serrano ham is just sooooo good (that’s the spanish side of me,  I’m obsessed with serrano ham and it’s a great substitute to fatty, greasy bacon ;))For the sauce I usually mix herb tomato sauce and a little bit of greek yogurt to make it creamy and healthy at the same time. Add some parmesan cheese and it’ll be ready to eat!

Turkey and pineapple tacos: Who doesn’t like TACOS?? It’s the easiest and quickest dinner! These turkey tacos are made with fat free ground turkey meat, spicy salsa, cilantro, and pineapple. You really just need to warm your corn tortillas in the oven and cook the ground turkey (I buy the 90% fat free for a healthier option) in the pan for 5 minutes seasoned however you like it (I put salt, pepper, and chili powder). I usually add a side salad on some chips and salsa to go with them and the good thing is that you can make as many as you want!!


Goat cheese salad: I love salads! I just gather everything I find in my fridge and put it on top of mixed greens or spinach. If you want to be healthy but you don’t want to cook at all, a simple salad can be the way to go! I usually make my salads with goat cheese and tomatoes (because I always have those two ingredients in my fridge), but you can literally put anything in a salad from leftover rice or pasta, to chicken or shrimp. If you’re still hungry after or you feel like you’re not full, have a little bit of greek yogurt with granola and fruit, which will give you lots of protein and will complete a great meal!


Sweet potato and avocado quinoa bowl: Who doesn’t like sweet potatoes and avocados? Those are two of my favorite foods and combined in a bowl with quinoa, they make a great healthy meal that will take you less than 20 min to prepare. One thing you can try is to have cooked quinoa always in your fridge. Just prepare a big portion on Sunday night and that way you can add it to your meals throughout the week without having to cook it every time! It saves a lot of time and you can use it in many different dishes. For this particular quinoa bowl I used basil, olive oil, and fresh tomato sauce for the quinoa and then I just added the roasted sweet potatoes (which take 5-10 min to roast in the pan), the avocado, and some toppings on the side to add some color to the bowl(spinach, fresh tomatoes, mixed legumes, and parmesan&feta cheese).


Hope these few recipes and tips help you get some ideas for when you’re tired of eating the same things, don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, or when you’re about to get “hangry” 😉 Have a great week!!

Coming next… travel & food guide to Norway…



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