Norway: travel guide (Part 1)

A couple weeks ago I was asked a very diffucult question: Which place from the ones you’ve visited has impressed you the most?

I didn’t really know how to respond to this question. I don’t think I can. There are so many places that have been fascinating to me and that have stolen my heart and my soul. However, when I was looking for a response I found myself thinking about my amazing trip to Norway this past summer. I started dreaming about the wonderful nature I saw,  the gorgeous fiords, the waterfalls…. and of course all the unique little towns full of life and authenticity. That’s when I realized that Norway was actually one of my top traveling experiences!

I went to Norway with my best friends looking for nature, hikes, multiple color houses, and fresh seafood…but this country is SO much more than that. Starting with its wonderful people, always with a smile on their faces and willing to help a group of 6 lost girls! haha! Before going to Norway, plan your trip right, decide which cities and fiords you want to see and figure out the ways to travel around. Transportation is great and you can choose between planes, trains, and boats! We actually took all of them!!! Our itinerary was the following: Stavanger-Bergen-Flam-Gudvanjen-Oslo, but there are many routes and places you can go see!

We started our trip in Stavanger, which is a small town where you can take a boat to go to the Pulpit Rock, the most beautiful fiord in the world! You can take a bus from the airport to the town center for around 12€ (already converted from the Norweian currency) and you can pay by card. If you want to go to the Pulpit Rock you should stay in a hotel close to the port, that way you can wake up on time to take the ferry. The town is quite small so you can see it in one day and it’s a lovely nordic town with wood houses from different colors. When we arrived we checked in at the hotel and then we went exploring.



We had dinner in the city center, at a restaurant called Fish and Cow where we had some delicious salmon (of course) and some clam soup! Keep in mind that eating in Norway is very expensive (around 20-25€ for a regular meal), but we wanted to start the trip right! We brought some cheeses and cured meats in our bags so we could make sandwiches during the day and that way we coul afford having a nice dinner at night (traveling on a budget 😉 )


In the morning, we woke up early, packed some smoked salmon sandwiches from the breakfast buffet and we head to the PULPIT ROCK (The most beautiful fiord in the world). We were super excited but after a 3 hour hike, the day, the rain and the fogg did not allow us to see the beatiful landscape. It was very sad, one of the worst moments of the trip because we were looking forward to seeing it 😦 However, we turned the day around and enjoy the views we could see and each others company! It ended up being a wonderful experience!


This is what I could see…..


And this is what it’s supposed to look like haha

But like I said, we made the most out of it and enjoy all the beautiful landscapes.

The next stop was Bergen, a beautiful city that has lots of history, a very cute city center, and a market where you will be able to try the most bizarre, and awesome foods typical from the norweian culture! We flew straight from Stavanger to Bergen, which is about an hour flight, and took a bus from the airport (10 €aprox. and 30 min). It is a small city and it’s very easy to get around so you will be able to walk everywhere!


The Floibaden funicular will take you to the top of this hill where you’ll be able to see this breathtaking view of the fiord and Bergen.

For lunch, we headed to the market, which is in the city center and right next to the port (where all the seadfood comes in). There are multiple stands where you can eat and try all sorts of different foods. I would recommend trying the king crab, of course the salmon, and whale. I know, whale might not sound too appealing but it was actually surprinsingly good and you’re only in Norway once! They also have cured meats: raindeer, whale salami, etc. Give everything a try and try to go around lunch time, when the market is poping!



Don’t miss Bryggen, also known as Tyskebryggen, which are multiple commercial buildings in the harbour. It’s on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites.


From Bergen, we took a cruise to Flam! The second part of my Norway trip will be in the next post and it was probably my favorite part!!!! stay tunned, Coming soon 🙂


Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!




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